bee catcher box   6 frame honey extractor   super foundation   uncapping brush

Wooden Catcher Box


6 Frame honey Extractor


Super Foundation


Uncapping Brush

jockey suit and veil   smoker   Pro-veil   leather gloves with gauntlet

Jockey Suit and Veil






Leather Gloves with Gauntlet

hive tool   brood foundation   soft bee brush   bee excluder

Hive Tool


Brood Foundation


Soft Bee Brush


Queen Excluder

gumboots - marine   gumboots - shova   beekeeping book of south africa - blue book   complete bee hive

Gumboots - Marine


Gumboots - Shova


Beekeeing in South Africa (Blue Book)


Complete Bee Hive - Ready for bees with super and brood chamber frames wired and waxed